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You may have heard that some people make thousands of dollars a month in their MLM business, and some even earn 5 and 6 figure incomes a month. Yes, I know it sounds unbelievable, and it is certainly not the norm, but the above is true. It does happen.  The question is, HOW does this happen?


Let me tell you.


Assuming people have some knowledge of the business and have chosen a legitimate company with a decent product/service, there are three kinds of people who make exceptional incomes in MLM/Network Marketing:


1. An MLM LEADER who ALREADY has "followers." The leader is considered "credible" because he or she makes a lot of money. The followers are primarily MLMers from OTHER programs they joined with this leader. The leaders frequently create lead generation programs and the followers then recruit "average" people, often from these leads.  Some of these people eventually become leaders themselves.  Others stay in the program to buy the product. Many drop out.


To become a MLM leader, one usually begins as a #3 person, described below.  


  A  Celebrity  or Leader in another industry or field -- either nationally OR in their home town.   Celebrities can come from any field -- music, movies, TV, sports, etc. Leaders can come from any industry or profession -- wealthy business people, public speakers, doctors, attorneys, political figures, etc. Their role is similar to people who endorse products on TV or in magazines. Average people follow these influential people because they consider them to be "credible." In addition, these leaders are able to sponsor people like themselves (other celebrities or business leaders) who are part of their circle of influence. Average people can rarely sponsor people of influence.


As I write this, I know of several well-known health and personal growth speakers and trainers who are or were affiliated with MLM companies. I imagine they consider the companies to be good companies, and they many use the products/services they endorse. But they don’t have to do much “work” in order to build large networks. With their influence, what they have to do – from the podium or in their Newsletters that reach thousands upon thousands of people -- is say, "This is a good company and I recommend their products/services," and people FLOCK to join. (Most celebrities and leaders in other industries are far too busy with their other projects and responsibilities to “build” an MLM business.) 


I’ve seen this happen numerous times with popular speakers. Unfortunately,  with no sponsor or upline person to support and direct the people they recruit (the speakers and trainers are much too busy doing what they do best – speaking and training), most of these people are unable to build a business and they finally give up.  The speakers continue to earn income, because whenever they recommend the MLM company or the products/services, tons of new people join to make up for the ones who drop out.


In all fairness, there ARE people in this category who make certain that there are either distributors above them, or a few key people they personally sponsor, who know the industry and can support the people who join the celebrity’s MLM network.



3. A “regular” person who LOVES the company and/or the product or service the company distributes and WANTS to tell people about it.   The distributor's enthusiasm is such that he or she is committed to getting the word out, and the distributor is not "stopped" by rejection (that is, they just say “next”, when people they approach don’t join.)


This is the way most people who become wealthy in MLM do it. They have the commitment, persistence and dedication to "do what it takes" to make it in the MLM industry. Some of “what it takes” is explained in this series of articles.


What About All the Other People Who Join MLM Programs?


MLM is known as a revolving-door industry because so many people come and go. If they don’t earn an income quickly, they become discouraged and either quit the industry OR they look for another program, hoping to earn an income with that one. (See my article explaining " the real reasons why people fail in the MLM businesses").


It is common for people to earn just enough, or a little less or a little more than, the cost of their products or services. They continue to buy the products or services because they truly "believe in them." That’s why it’s important to make sure you really want to use the product or service of the company you affiliate with.


NOTE: If you stop prospecting and recruiting, your income will usually decline unless you’ve already built a huge organization. New people are constantly needed (just as new customers are constantly needed for retail stores, franchises, wholesalers and internet and catalogue companies to remain in business).


I earned $35,000 a month in one program in the 1980s and $9,000 a month in another program in the 1990s.  Not huge, but not bad either. In the 1990s I earned less income -- no doubt because I became very busy with research and writing on personal and Spiritual growth and natural healing. 


I built both organizations as a #3 person  . I didn’t have a following and I'm not a celebrity. There were many years between the 2 companies, so people didn’t “follow” me from one program to another. When I was actively building MLM businesses, I also wrote hundreds of MLM articles and a book about the industry and produced You Can Be Successful in MLM. a set of 12 cassette tapes. NOTE: Because they are tapes, not CDs, I am offering them at a very low price. If interested, you can see a description on the Welcome Page.


My Current Involvement in the Industry


My “mission,” as I see it, is to share information that can improve people’s lives in many areas, and I’m grateful that I have the knowledge. I continue to be a distributor in health companies that have products I use and love. Why wouldn’t I be? Though I don’t have time to work an MLM business (prospecting, recruiting, etc.), when people want the products, I am happy to sponsor them as my customer or distributor. Occasionally I join a program that I consider “financial diversification” for me, as differentiated from an MLM/Network Marketing “business.”   My main involvement in the industry is to provide education and training for anyone in any company, or anyone who is considering becoming part of the unique MLM/Network Marketing Industry. 


In this troubled economy, so many people could benefit by having an MLM home-based business, if they only understood the industry. I’ve taught the basics (some of which are on this site) to many people who erroneously believed that MLM/Network Marketing is a pyramid scheme or not a “real” business. Most important, I teach distributors and potential distributors about the mental-conditioning or “mind-set” necessary to be successful in the industry, and how to reprogram their subconscious.   THIS (one’s “mind-set”) is a major key to success!


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